May 02, 2011

12 Computers that Become rivals for IPad

Provider of information technology, IT Business Edge, expose and peel about 12 new tablet computer that will become major competitors in the market Apple iPad.

During a slide show of his IT Business Edge, said the tablet market is growing fast with many new competitive tablets which were introduced to the public, and the difference is consumers, wireless networks, and quality of the device itself.

So, what are the 12 tablets which is likely to shake the market performance iPad next?

1. Samsung Galaxy Tab
Galaxy Tab was introduced at the IFA conference in Berlin, a 7-inch tablet Android from Samsung.Galaxy Tab operated with the Android operating system 2.2, contains an ARM processor, AMOLED display features, has a screen resolution of 1024 × 600, comes pre-installed Flash Player, Google Maps, JavaScript 1.5, and Bluetooth and Swype.

2. BlackBerry Playbook
Quanta Computer is assigned as Playbook by the manufacturer of BlackBerry maker, Research in Motion (RIM).Tablets are reported to be sold for 499 dollars it will have Wi-Fi connection, Bluetooth technology and has a camera facing the front and rear.Playbook will not have cellular connectivity and will serve as complementary tools for BlackBerry smartphones. The tablet will not use the BlackBerry OS 6, but with QNX operating system that has been developed.

3. Cisco Cius
Cisco Cius, referred to as cell phones and tablet business collaboration that integrates virtual desktops with full access collaborative applications and Cisco communications. Tablet operating system Android will have a 7-inch screen, runs on an Intel Atom processor and features forward and rear facing camera for videoconferencing. This device support for Wi-Fi and 3G, offering 32 gigabytes of Flash, and the price is less than 1,000 dollars.

4. Dell Streak
First available in Europe, Streak Dell is a smartphone / tablet hybrid is offered through a network provider, AT & T, in the United States. Equipped with touch screen 5-inch WVGA and the Android operating system 1.6, Streak Dell has enough wiggle room between the category of smartphones and tablet although there is no use within know will either succeed or fail.

5. HP Slate 500
Tablets made by Hewlett Packard (HP), Slate 500, will target corporate users. Although little is known about this device, it has been confirmed that the tablet will run with Windows 7 operating system and target the same market with Cisco Cius.

6. Toshiba Folio 100
Toshiba has released a limited edition two-tablet, dual screen, Libretto Libreto W100 and W105, but all eyes on the new Android tablets. Folio 100 is introduced interrupted IFA 2010 in Berlin. This device has a 10.1-inch screen, run with the Android 2.2 and NVIDIA Tegra processors 2. Folio 100 is also supported 16GB of memory, supports Bluetooth 2.1, equipped with an HDMI output, two USB ports, SD memory card slot, and wireless connectivity 802.11 b / g / n and 3G data.

7. HP PalmPad
The tablet is one of the products from Palm's acquisition by HP. Tablets which was originally planned to made by Google's Android operating system is launched to the market was delayed. HP actually trying to focus to use WebOS Palm platform and will market these tablets at the beginning of 2011. Viewed shape, PalmPad really seems made to compete with Apple iPad and grab consumers.

8. LG Optimus
Before the end of 2010, LG plans to market these tablets. The device will run the Android operating system. LG believes its product is better than IPAD with a device that will be more productive. The company also plans to release a tablet had OS Windows 7, UX10, in the future.

9. Acer Tablet
Acer introduced the tablet 7-inch touch screen in a presentation in China in May. Unlike most tablets, this device features a QWERTY keypad. In a presentation, this tablet is not known between running with Android OS version number.

10. Microsoft Windows 7 Tablet
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said that the product is prepared to take the Apple iPad market. Though the Microsoft tablet position criticized by many people, including Rob Enderle of IT Business Edge, Microsoft is still working with Intel and other computer makers to optimize the tablets.

11. OpenTablet 7
Company designers, manufacturers, and developers of communication systems, OpenPeak, is developing a touch screen multimedia device that can also be used for phone calls. OpenTablet 7, Flash-based tablet it will distinguish itself by using energy management software OpenPeak. Supported by some, including Intel Capital and GE, OpenPeak secured with 52 million dollars in new investment.

12. Google / Verizon Tablets
Internet giant, Google, along with the telecommunications company Verizon is developing a tablet that yet again to compete with the iPad. HTC and Motorola has been rumored to be a manufacturer of that device. Details about the device that is very rare, even unknown whether it will run with Android OS or Chrome. Speculation states that this device has a multi-touch screen 10-inch and beresolosi 1280 × 720 pixels, based on Nvidia's Tegra platform, 2 GB of RAM, equipped with 32GB solid-state drive, 3G/Bluetooth/WiFi connectivity, GPS, webcam too.

With all its pros and cons, whether it can compete with a dozen tablets or shift the Apple iPad? We'll wait.

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