May 04, 2011

The benefits of soybeans

Did you know? Soybeans have a very great benefits for health. This is because soy contains a substance called Lecithin. Lecithin is a compund phospatidyl choline contained in soymilk. Phospatidyl choline compounds commonly found in plant and animal cell membranes and in nerve tissue and also in our brain. Choline as the largest part of phospatidyl choline can be found in the liver, oatmeal and cabbage. Lechitin also found in sunflower, rapeseed and soybean. Gynecology lechitin in soy is high, about 20% to 22%.

Lechitin are encouraged dariliver transport of fatty acids into body tissues or increase the burning of fat in the liver.

Also, to prevent buried his lechitine excessive fat. on our bodies, the compound will work erode lechitin fat deposits on artery walls which then dissolves in the blood. Lechitine also can lower cholesterol. Lechitine can supply choline in the body and enhances the formation of acethylcholine, substances for the benefit neutrotransmitter on the brain. Therefore, lechitine contained in soy may also increase the ability and intelligence of children.

Lechitine also can prevent the coroner heart disease, stroke, and dementia (memory loss due to the inhibition of oxygen supply to the brain due to clogged blood vessels) in patients with hypertension and diabetes. And another thing, why lechitine in believe could form the ageless medicine? those people in it contains a lot of fatty liver is usually the exchange of substances in her body is not normal. It is caused because the liver is supposed to break down fat and neutralize toxins can not work properly. And consequently the body will be weak, lethargic, and face will look look old. With lechitine, excess fat in the liver would be reduced and liver will work normally again so that the body will come back refreshed and more stamina. It was caused because one of the functions of lechitine is encouraging cell regeneration for our bodies to be healthy and refreshed. But anyway, if someone is old age, it was obvious they were not going to be young again while eating soy.

Do You Want to stay young? just consume products made from soybeans.

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