May 02, 2011

Tips To Overcome Jetlag

As a busy professional with a very high, flying by plane to places and countries with different time zones can not be avoided. And as a result, we are always affected by jetlag. To avoid jetlag, there are a few tips that we can apply them:

* Before leaving the plane ride, prepare yourself to meet the needs of our breaks. If possible, we increase the hours of sleep more than usual. If we fly in a state of fatigue, it will worsen the physical condition of our entire trip.

* Try to sit as comfortable as possible on the plane during the trip. Once all the muscle so that muscle stretching our bodies are not rigid. If necessary, go to the toilet for just a moment to clean the face.

* If flying at night, use your time with sleep and use an eye patch for your sleep soundly and undisturbed.

* Drinking enough water and do not drink alcoholic beverages or caffein beverages.

* If this is the goal, try to adjust sleep patterns with local sleep pattern.

* Consuming sleeping pills that have a short reaction time. This medicine will help the process of adaptation and can help you during the trip.

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